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24 Av 5781

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Kosher Meals Available

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kosher_mealsAre you in need of a Shabbos meal?
Will you be traveling?
Do you need to give someone a shiva gift?
Have you no time to cook?
Do you not know how to cook?
The Beth Abraham Sisterhood has a solution for you!

Our Shabbos dinner serves four people amply and consists of roasted chicken cut into eight pieces, potato kugel, vegetable kugel, brownies, six challah rolls, one bottle of grape juice, salt, pepper, two tealight candles, cinnamon stick, havdallah candle and matches.

The meals are prepared by the Beth Abraham Sisterhood in the shul kitchen. Meals are delivered to the local hotel or location of your choice, along with an electric blech, which must be returned to the shul on Sunday at Shacharis.

Each meals costs $100. Orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please call 207-942-8093 to order a meal.