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24 Av 5781

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Beth Abraham Sisterhood

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sisterhoodThe Sisterhood works with enthusiasm and devotion towards the enrichment and improvement of the Synagogue. Over the years, funds have been raised through a variety of projects including fashion shows, plays, rummage sales, the sale of Shabbos meals and Tree of Life leaves to name a few.  The Sisterhood has been able to complete many projects including updating the sanctuary,  vestry  and kitchen as well as outside landscaping. The Sisterhood makes arrangements for the weekly Kiddush and other festive meals throughout the year.

If interested in becoming a member of the Sisterhood, contact Barbara for more information at 207-942-8093.

Sisterhood Annual Dues are $36 or  $10 for life members . A lifetime membership to the Sisterhood is $180 and may be paid in installments. It makes a wonderful gift and the member’s name will be added to the Sisterhood Plaque

Kosher Meals Available

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kosher_mealsAre you in need of a Shabbos meal?
Will you be traveling?
Do you need to give someone a shiva gift?
Have you no time to cook?
Do you not know how to cook?
The Beth Abraham Sisterhood has a solution for you!

Our Shabbos dinner serves four people amply and consists of roasted chicken cut into eight pieces, potato kugel, vegetable kugel, brownies, six challah rolls, one bottle of grape juice, salt, pepper, two tealight candles, cinnamon stick, havdallah candle and matches.

The meals are prepared by the Beth Abraham Sisterhood in the shul kitchen. Meals are delivered to the local hotel or location of your choice, along with an electric blech, which must be returned to the shul on Sunday at Shacharis.

Each meals costs $100. Orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please call 207-942-8093 to order a meal.

Sponsor a Kiddush

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sponsor_a_kiddushInterested in sponsoring a Kiddush in honor of an upcoming simcah or in honor of a loved one?

To schedule your event contact Barbara at 207-942-8093.

Beth Abraham Kiddush Selections

$100 Donation
Gefilte fish Herring Fruit Pickles
Soda Schnapps Pastry Crackers
Serves 35-40 people

$150 Donation
All of the above plus:
Tuna Salad Egg Salad    
Cole Slaw or Tomatoes and Cucumbers.
Serves 35-40 people*

Special requests can be honored for an additional cost.


Lox, Bagels and cream cheese
Tossed Salad
Specialty Salads
Chips and Salsa
Deli cold cuts and Roll
Special Deserts

*A $25 to $50 catering fee may apply. Call for details.


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Members Non-Members
Vestry and Kitchen – Day of Function $150.00 $200.00
Use of Kitchen-Prior to Day of Function $25.00 $35.00
Additional Use of Vestry & Kitchen $50.00 $70.00
For Same Affair:
Use of Kitchen Only-Each Day $25.00 $25.00


  1. Anyone wishing to use Kitchen and/or Vestry must first clear dates kitchen will be used with Sisterhood President who will notify the Rabbi and the Sisterhood Financial Secretary.
  2. Person using kitchen must check with Rabbi for Kashruth.
  3. No purchasing of equipment, utensils, etc. may be made without permission from House Committee.
  4. No freezing in any utensils—disposables only.  Before using freezer, check for available space with House Committee.
  5. Never use appliances or equipment unless familiar with them, or check with House Committee.
  6. Kitchen and Vestry must be left clean and exactly the way it was when rented.  The caterer is responsible for removing rubbish at conclusion of affair and sweeping the kitchen floor only.  Washing and shampooing of floors and carpeting will be done by the synagogue.
  7. Any damage or breakage must be reported to the House Committee (Barbara Podolsky or Samara Gopan).
  8. Bill will be sent by Financial Secretary for rental.