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8 Nisan 5784

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Lee Podolsky Memorial Library

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Rav Lipman Asher “Lee” Podolsky a”h was educated at the Jewish Day School, right here in Bangor, Maine. He grew up in our shul, Congregation Beth Abraham. Lee was very talented and rose up in the ranks of scholarship. He moved to Israel, taught at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh a premier house of Torah study at the Kotel, authored several books and earned a sterling reputation. Lee passed away at a young age. Rav Podolsky had numerous accomplishments and taught legions of Yeshiva students in Israel who are now carrying on his legacy and teachings. Despite Lee’s fame in Israel, Bangor was always a part of Lee. He remained closely and fondly connected to Bangor and even in his last days he famously said “Bangor is not a place but a state of mind!” Even in burial he wanted Bangor to be connected to him by asking for it to be mentioned on his tombstone.

Lee loved books and even authored several so it is a most fitting memorial that we have established the Lee Podolsky Memorial Library which will be housed in his beloved shul. A fund has been established that will buy needed books. Lee’s name will be inscribed in each book as an eternal memorial. Please remember Lee by taking part in this noble project.

To make a donation to the Lee Podolsky Memorial Library send payment to: