Beth Abraham Orthodox Synagogue

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15 Heshvan 5780

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This Month's Yahrtzeits

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Sam GopanNovember 15
Abraham SilverNovember 16
Sam GassNovember 17
Rebecca Berg SegolNovember 17
Sarah Schoenbaum StriarNovember 18
Bessie Striar WaldNovember 19
Max ShapiroNovember 20
Steven Eric StriarNovember 21
Ben GordonNovember 22
Solomon TodtmanNovember 24
Susie StriarNovember 26
Sidney RichterNovember 27
Chaya Golda MichelsonNovember 29
Sarah(Sally)Sophie StriarNovember 29
Barney SilverNovember 29
Rose LavoottNovember 30


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