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17 Adar I 5784

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Children's Programming

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childrens_programmingDuring Shabbat morning services, Tefillat Yiladim is available children under-Bar/Bat mitzvah age. All of the basics of davening from Modeh Ani to Shmoneh Esrei are included in the service.  Following the tefillah, the weekly  parsha is discussed followed by a snack.  Parents are welcome to participate but can also leave their children so they may return to services undisturbed.  Tefillat Yiladim takes place during the Torah reading and usually lasts until Musaf.

There is an area for children to look at books or play games if they are not able to attend services with their parents for the full service.

Several "candymen" keep a well-stocked shtender of lolipops and boxes of raisins, so be sure to ask one of the locals to point you in the right direction.

Beth Abraham hosts a Chanukah Party and Mesibat Purim yearly.  Activities for children vary from year to year but there is always something fun to do for the kids.  Whether we're smashing the Purim pinata or making our own Chanukah gelt, everyone has a great time.  Be sure to contact us and find out what's on schedule for our next event.

Throughout the week, individual learning sessions can be arranged upon request.