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8 Nisan 5784

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05-CHEVRA-KADISHAThe origin of “CHEVRA KADISHA” which literally means “holy society” stems from the Talmud some 1600 years ago. When a Jew in the community would die, it was the obligation and responsibility of each and everyone in the community to care for the deceased. With the formation of the CHEVRA KADISHA, however, the rest of the community became exempt, since the CHEVRA assumed the sole responsibility for preparing the deceased for the final resting place.

As years passed by it became the custom that children of the CHEVRA would replace their fathers as members of this society when their fathers passed away.

The CHEVRA KADISHA is also referred to as the “CHEVRAS G’MILUS CHESED VE’EMES,” the society that deals with kindness and truth for this is a true act of kindness since those who perform this duty do it without any ulterior motive.

Today in many cities the CHEVRA KADISHA has become somewhat commercialized. Here in Bangor, however, those women and men who are members of the CHEVRA still perform their most holy duty with “chesed shel-emes,”  “ a kindness of truth.”

Each spring, on the anniversary  of Moshe Rabenu’s death, members of Congregation Beth Abraham hold a community dinner to honor members of the CHEVRA KADISHA.


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