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16 Kislev 5784

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  1. It is a mitzvah to fast (if fasting is permissible on that particular day) on the yahrtzeit (the annual Hebrew date of their passing) of a parent (to repent and improve oneself in honor of his parents). Besides fasting, it should be a day of Torah study and mitzvos to bring honor to his parents. One who has difficulty fasting may instead distribute money to the poor. If fasting will make it difficult to study Torah one should not fast.
  2. One says kaddish on this day, and one should lead the prayers if he can.
  3. It is customary to study mishnayos (or to hire someone who will study) for the twelve months of mourning and on every yahrtzeit. The word for mishnah (oral law) has the same letters as the word for neshamah.
  4. It is customary for a son to be called up to the Torah on the day of yahrtzeit and on the Shabbos before. It is customary to donate a seudah-meal in memory of the deceased. The blessings said at the meal are a merit for the deceased.
  5. It is customary to light a candle for the twenty-four hours of the yahrtzeit. (As a memorial to the departed soul which is compared to a candle, for the soul gives life to the body as the candle lights up the darkness.)
  6. It is customary to mention the deceased in prayer and to pledge to give charity in his merit on the Shabbos before the yahrtzeit.
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