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8 Nisan 5784

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Twelve Months

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  1. Mourning over the loss of a parent continues until the end of twelve months. The obligation of children to parents is extended because of the commandment in the Torah to "Honor your father and your mother" which applies even after their passing.
  2. Others should not greet him or send gifts until the end of the twelve months.
  3. He may not attend an affair where they are playing music. He may attend a bris milah or a pidyon haben service but not the meal celebration.
  4. He may get married (after the thirty days, during the twelve month period).
  5. He may not start taking haircuts or shaves until people would start criticizing him for his long hair.
  6. The twelve months are to be full months, but we do not count an extra month in a leap year.
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