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Thirty Days

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  1. Certain laws of mourning continue after the seven days, until the end of the first thirty days. These include a prohibition on:
    1. bathing, laundering garments and wearing freshly laundered garments (without having someone else wear it first)
    2. haircuts or shaving for men (women may cut their hair after shiva)
    3. nail-cutting by means of a utensil
    4. getting married
    5. going to parties
    6. one may not travel far away on business trips that bring joy to a person
  2. When mourning for parents, there are restrictions that apply until the end of twelve months as will be explained in the following chapter.
  3. After seven days, the mourner may wear leather shoes, sit on regular chairs, resume marital relations, return to work and resume regular Torah study.
  4. He may greet others, but others should not greet him. If they do, he may return the greeting.
  5. He may not attend a wedding, Bar Mitzvah Bris-Milah meal or similar celebration.
  6. This period is over at sunrise of the morning of the thirtieth day.
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