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16 Kislev 5784

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Praying and Saying Kaddish

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  1. It is a mitzvah for prayer services to be held during the seven-day mourning period at the home of the deceased.
  2. Tachanun is not said when praying at a house of mourning. Hallel is not said on Rosh Chodesh. On Chanukah, the non-mourners do say Hallel after leaving the house of mourning.
  3. When a son leads the prayers in public during and after shiva and says kaddish for his parents, he is redeeming them from Gehenom. The Maariv prayer after Shabbos is especially significant because that is when the souls return to Gehenom after Shabbos.
  4. A mourner does not lead the prayers on Shabbos and Yom Tov, but he does say kaddish. In addition, being called up to the Torah for Maftir is also a benefit to the deceased.
  5. Kaddish is said for 11 months after the passing of the deceased and on the day of Yahrzeit.
  6. If there are no sons to say kaddish, the family should pay someone to say at least one kaddish per day for this period.
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