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16 Kislev 5784

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Maximum and Minimum

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  1. A person may not overreact on mourning for one who has died. (One who does overdo it, will suffer more of the same suffering, G-d forbid.)
    The proper amount is:
    1. three day of crying (for these days he should consider the urgency of doing repentance)
    2. seven days of mourning
    3. thirty days to refrain from haircutting and wearing new clothing
  2. For the entire year there is a heavenly judgment pending over the family. If a male child is born to the family within the year it is a healthy sign.
  3. When one of a group passes away, the entire group should be concerned.
  4. One who does not fulfill the obligations of mourning is considered a cruel person. One should be afraid and concerned in order to inspect his actions and come to repentance. May we merit the fulfillment of the prophecy (Yeshaya 25:8) Hashem will remove death forever and Hashem will remove the tears from all faces.
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