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16 Kislev 5784

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Honoring the Deceased

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  1. It is forbidden to delay a burial, for it is a disgrace to the deceased, and it may cause pain to the soul of the departed.
  2. In urgent situations, if a short postponement will be a definite honor to the deceased, i.e. to prepare shrouds, coffin, etc., or so that people can attend the funeral, it is permissible. (We do not make a late Friday afternoon burial if it may lead to the desecration of Shabbos.) It is necessary to consul with a competent Orthodox Rabbi before delaying a burial. It is wrong to delay on account of extra fees to the gravediggers on a legal holiday.
  3. For parents, it is proper to extend the eulogies in their honor.
  4. It is proper that only Jews be involved in caring for and carrying the deceased.
  5. If a person passes a funeral procession, he is obligated to join and escort the deceased for at least 7-8 feet.
  6. One is obligated to even interrupt his Torah study in order to escort the deceased.
  7. It is customary to recite Tehillim (Psalm) 91 during the funeral.
  8. 1. Some have a custom that women do not go to the cemetery.
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