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3 Shevat 5778

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Mary Elva Silver

שרה בת אברהם
Date of Death: 9/26/2005 Yahrzeit Date: 22 Elul
Mary Silver - Veazie - Mary Silver, daughter of Burton and Elizabeth Wilson, passed away Sept. 26, 2005. She was born February 28, 1918 in Prospect Harbor. Mrs. Silver was predeceased by her husband Louis Silver, a local businessman. They moved to Veazie in 1955. She was active in town affairs for more than 15 years, serving on the planning board and also the committee to build in addition, to the school, after acquiring more land. She also helped to establish a school library and served a term on the town council. Mrs. Silver served as president and was a charter member and organizer of the Veazie garden club along with Inez Swift and Edith Thaxter. She became a member of the garden federation a few years later and was president of district 2. She joined the Bangor garden club and served as its president for 2 years. Mrs. Silver was an avid gardener and in 1956 she studied and worked in flower arranging under John Bergholt and Iva Malone. She joined the Maine federation of women